Solutions for your company

Corporate services


I+E provides comprehensive solutions for the enterprise. Through innovative and creative ideas generated tailored to each client, we make the difference

From a small business meeting at the Iguazu Falls, a Teambuilding on a boat or a group trip to attend an International Exhibition in Paris, that we can arrange everything  for your company:

  • Business meetings, business Openings, New Year Celebrations, Product Launches.
  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Outdoor activities and teambuilding
  • Air Tickets and Hotels
  • VIP assitance in airports
  • Guest transportation 
  • Promotional Marketing, advertising structures and development of image
  • digital design

Corporate events

In I+E we are committed to help in the creation of  the perfect event. we give everything to make it happen.

Creativity and innovation is a constant challenge for us

I + E has a professional staff for planning events. Each event is a challenge and a unique opportunity to achieve the objective

We take care of:

  •  Relay and hiring locations, hotels and lounges
  • Picking the best catering
  • Appropriate audiovisual support to ensure the quality of the event
  • Recruitment of shows and entertainment for the guests
  • Outdoor activities designed according to group size and Team Buildings
  • Production of the event image
  • Development of App, web pages and online tools
  • Development of marketing actions
  • Recruitment and training of temporary staff, developers, private security, lifeguards.

Travel incentives

I + E has a dedicated team to develop programs to suit you, who know the destinations and the different possibilities to create a successful trip.

Each trip is fully designed with one goal trip, so we make completely different to trips that can be found on the market.

An incentive trip: 

  • Seeks to impact and surprise every time
  • Seeks to motivate and achieve loyalty
  • Increase performance
  • Make unique exWperiences that host in people for ever

Group Travels

We have a corporate travel department, with special training on group travel.
With our team of specialists we can carry out group travel to different parts of the country and the world

We take care of: 

  • Booking and purchasing Air Tickets, private flights and charters
  • Personalized assistance at the Airport
  • Hotel Booking
  • Meals on destination
  • Transfers, excursions and exclusive programs for the group
  • Special Agenda design exclusive for the trip
  • Welcome Kits
  • VIP attentios
  • Help with necessary documentation for the trip


We think and develop the best solution for your company.

In I+E we  listen the needs of your company and find the best solution.

We design an event from the start, considering every detail and action to be developed to achieve the objectives.

We strive to exceed expectations and for that we offer all the technology and innovation.

We take care of: 

  • Provide the best video equipment, sound and lighting
  • Photography and film coverage
  • Armed Scenario, sets, and advertising structure
  • Design of digital communication
  • Advertising material & business gifts
  • Decoration environments 
  • Show hiring
  • Team Buildings & outdoor activities